"I really thought with the real estate market declining, that I would really be in trouble selling my 1st home, then moving up. Thanks to your professional handling of sale, I was able to recover my investment and move on quicker then I ever dreamt possible."

Dr. Brian K

Moving up to Cottage Grove

"The kindness, professionalism, and helpfulness you demonstrated showed us once again what true friends do for one another. You were so helpful and generous in completing our move."

Gary & Donna

Sold Madison Condo, Bought in Sun Prairie

"Ellery's service was exemplary – professional and courteous. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of land transactions – we will use Stark in the future for our upcoming investment purchases solely because of Ellery's service to this transaction."

Peter & Lauree

New Glarus, land purchase

"Ellery is very conscientious, informative and always available. "

James & Nola

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